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Here at NPI Your Production Matters!

Partnering with NPI will ensure those pesky (but important) payroll, payroll taxes and quarterlies, pension reporting and final cast list details are all handled for you, efficiently and correctly.

We offer our service to all types of entertainment based companies. To lower your liability and to create better efficiency for your production, you will want to hire a payroll company that offers Employer of Record Services.


NPI offers an array of different options for you and your production. YOU, and the success of your production is our main focus.  Why is this different?   Because we achieve this through education and creating a structure for you from the start.

We will be there for you and with you from start to finish ensuring your payroll process and experience is smooth, your paperwork is complete, your union contracts are correct, you are following all the regulations set by the unions and the federal and state agencies, and most important, that you meet your time lines and deadlines set by federal, state and union agencies so you don’t incur penalties or fines.


NPI is the liaison between the union and your production.  What does this mean?

It  means NPI works with you while you are providing the necessary  information the union will require from you, AND, we also assist you in gathering the paperwork from the union that WE require from you. 


We pride ourselves in remaining up to date on all union and labor laws and not only do we ensure your production meets all the applicable standards, we are always happy to help educate you on those regulations that apply to you and your production. 

Working hand in hand in these early stages and through the duration of your production ensures the following details run smooth for all entities:

  • Once you have signed your contract with IATSE or Teamsters, AEA, DGA, WGA or SAG and any deal memo, NPI will review your contract and verify all provisions with your local and union rep to ensure accuracy of anticipated contributions

  • NPI always clears your employee through the social security administration to insure a match for contributions and payroll

  •  The correct dues are deducted for each union type, reported correctly and submitted in a timely fashion

  • Pension, welfare and health contributions are calculated accurately based on your union type, and they are reported correctly and submitted in a timely fashion

  •  NPI will handle any union questions and especially any discrepancies the union may have with regards to reporting

  • All time sheets and/or exhibit G’s submitted to NPI will be carefully  reviewed for accuracy and NPI will determine total employee wages, including overtime, meal penalties, forced call, expense reimbursements and agent’s commission if applicable

  • Any loan outs will be confirmed by the state agencies to ensure they are a valid corporation.  Ensuring this lessens the risk of paying a person as  a corporation when they are in fact considered by law an employee

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